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To Newfoundland!
An awesome August adventure

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A few favorites

I've been wandering through my photo galleries from Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. A few favorites have jumped into a new gallery.

A few favorites of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Photos pop up among words

I've scattered some photos among the words in my tale. If you're interested in seeing a few images in the context of my travel days, take another quick glance through the pages of this journal.

The photos are clickable if you'd like to see others from that day's wanderings.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Emerging photos

My photos have jumped from my camera and are now available for viewing. You can start with the top level gallery, To Newfoundland! August 2009, or you can click on the photos below to enter a specific gallery.

A swath of Newfoundland:

A swath of Newfoundland

Pockets of Nova Scotia:

Pockets of Nova Scotia

Of ships and shipyards:

Of ships and shipyards

Flutter by:

Flutter by

Friday, September 4, 2009

Another traveling dog

Oh look! Denise's sister sent us an article from the Philadelphia Inquirer about a couple who takes a dog like me along on their vacations.

Here's a link to the article - Personal Journey: Stuffed dog helps break the iciness of a waiter.

See? Denise isn't the only person who has an interesting travel companion. OK, OK, maybe it is a little odd. But I really, really like traveling with Denise, I know she likes having me along, and I know that Gromit likes traveling with Marilyn and John too.

--- Rover

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wishing stone

Look! Denise got me my very own wishing stone.

I know, I know, it's really made of glass. I think I can look into it and dream of travel destinations for Denise and me.

Where did she find it? When we were in Sydney she found a brochure called the Cape Breton Artisan Trail Map, published by the Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design. There were some galleries that jumped out at her, and she picked up a couple of small pieces of glass for herself, one at the place that published the map, and one at Glass Artisans Studio & Gallery. That second place is where she picked up my wishing stone. And there was an artist set up in a tent outside - in all of that wind - blowing glass into wonderful shapes. That was fun to watch too.

--- Rover

A quick Rover review

I'm so glad that Denise knows that we will need to go back to Newfoundland and Nova Scotia someday. I won't need to do any convincing since she already knows we didn't get enough. I'd like to see some other places in Newfoundland, and I really need to go back to Gros Morne National Park again too.

We had a really good wander, even though rain and fog made us turn back early or skip some walks altogether. We walked in sunshine, in fog, in out and out rain. We bounced along the shore, and we climbed up high too.

I really wanted to visit Acadia on our way home (well sort of on a slightly out-of-the-way path home). I saw the weather forecast, so I knew that wouldn't be a good idea. I was sure I was going to need to convince Denise to stay on the highway and head straight home from Moncton, but she knew that going home was the right thing to do. No convincing needed. I wonder if I can talk her into a long weekend to Acadia a little bit into fall. Hmmm...

Denise is still reviewing her photos, and if I know her it will take a bit to get her galleries built. In the meantime, I grabbed a couple of photos to share with you.

Rover watching the rain

From our first morning in Newfoundland, heading back to the mainland after encountering heavy heavy fog on the Port au Port peninsula. Why did we stop at this spot? Because of the alpacas!


Isn't he beautiful?

Tablelands in rain

This is from our first walking day in Newfoundland. (Or should I say on Newfoundland?) We were bouncing along the Tablelands trail in heavy mist, then in light rain. Can you see the raindrops?

Louisbourg Light

But oh! we had sunny days too. Here's a shot of me in front of Louisbourg Light in Nova Scotia. That was such a pretty day!
--- Rover

Saturday, August 29, 2009

2670 miles

...or 4297 kilometers if you prefer metric. That's how many miles I rolled over in my wandering - from home to the furthest point of my travel, around in some circles, and home again.

Yes, I know, that wasn't human-powered mileage. My feet put on a fair amount of mileage too, wandering on trails, along many bodies of water, even in cities. I could have happily continued wandering, but it was time to head home.

I really did hope to stop in Acadia National Park on my way home. After all, I've only been there once this year. A second visit sounded like a good idea. Of course that was before Danny started spinning up the East Coast.

Yesterday was my Moncton, NB to N Andover, MA day - heading home, driving on dry roads. Today? It rained all day, dropping about 2 1/2 inches of rain in the area near my home. Other towns received upwards of 5 inches. Now that's a lot of water!

My decision to head home without an additional stop in Maine was a good one (this time). It was a good and needed rest day. I took a quick look at my photos, more looking and weeding out still to come - but I spent most of the day relaxing, reading, listening to the rain.

I learned many years ago that the only places I don't need to return to are those places that I didn't like.

Happily, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia both jumped back onto my list of places to wander again.